2024 Emerging Artist Recipient ARLANDO MBA 

For the first time our Emerging Artists had to complete an application process in order to be selected. Applications were made available in January and artists at least 13 years old were encouraged to apply. This program started out as an internship. Since its inception in 2020, six artists, personally selected by Founder Melissa Sharee, have had the opportunity to develop their leadership and creative skills through this program.

We are thrilled to have Arlando as our 2024 Emerging Artist. She has been a part of our Artist Network since being matched with a mentor during her senior year of college in 2021. Over the course of 8 weeks she will be working with Singer Songwriter Thomas Warren of New York to complete part of a musical Trilogy project she has been dreaming about, in addition to meeting weekly with her mentor Melissa Sharee. Not only is Creative M Projects is providing two mentors that will support Arlando's work, but also financial resources to complete her project. In the fall we will have a public demonstration sharing her progress and what she has created.

Arlando's motivation for applying to be the 2024 Emerging Artist was so that she could let other people see that their artistic path is never going to be identical to someone else’s path. “Even when the circumstances in our life feel that they are throwing us off course, we can show up for ourselves, our inner child, and our inner artist. No matter how small the step appears to us, it still counts as a step in the right direction.” She wants to see how well responds to guidance, how she will improve, what she didn't know about herself and she is excited to see how things unfold. 

If you would like to meet Arlando and listen to her perform our upcoming Artist Jam Night, Monday, July 29th at 7PM in South Pasadena, get on the Door List  today!

Audubon Middle School Creative Youth Workshop

Youth flourish in being creative when they are affirmed and learn to value who they are.  A series of workshops that allowed students of the I Am Genius program to tap into what they love about being themselves, while discovering creative ways to express their appreciation of who they are to themselves first and then to others were held in April. Under the direction of School Climate Advocate Cheryl Collins, students spent 2 days exploring and discussing matters that affect their ability to create and be themselves. 

Using Positive Affirmations for Black Kids, students were taught how to recognize strengths and weaknesses as a way to increase confidence and be more creative. They were given the opportunity to present in front of their peers and break up into small groups for more intimate discussions around their confidence and lack thereof. 

Both workshops were well received with students requesting that the Creative M Projects team return. We are hopeful that more funding by the school district will be allotted in the Fall for a continuation of this experiential learning workshop.

FUN FACT: Cheryl Collins is one of 9 Creative M Projects Founding Board Members.