DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Here are the highlights of what we were able to accomplish this year with your support …


The Artist's Way

Two rock-stars made it through 12 intense weeks of deep dive soul exploration using national bestselling author Julia Cameron's materials, to uncover the spiritual blocks that were hindering their creativity. Arlando & Valentina were celebrated at Eureka! by the organization for their perserverance, commitment and renewed artistry.

Before starting this group my biggest challenge was trusting myself and waiting, not doing anything …

Guerrilla Filmmakers Workshop

Iris Guiterrez, previous Festival Director of L.I.F.E, led two groups of seven young female artists from across the US through a unique Filmmakers workshop hosted by CMP. In her words film-making is “poetry and storytelling of the 21st century”. Over the course of 4 weeks, participants engaged in 2 hour workshops which taught them how to give structure to the abstract world of film-making and connect the dots to create a finished project. 

I feel confident moving forward with pre-production. There is a sense of ease which felt like sheer panic in my previous experience.

After stepping away from a script five-plus years ago, this workshop were the kick that I needed to re-shoot this project. I'm grateful to everyone at Creative M Projects and Iris for their support!

Peace in Chaos

This year we held our second Chaos Experience that combines painting, meditation and reflection in a group setting to help individuals move through tough seasons with artistic expression. The Chaos series was designed to be a 3 part series; the first was Courage from Chaos and the third will be Strength for Chaos in the new year.

Thank you for helping me to feel at peace. I will bring the experience home with me.

Emerging Artists

Our intern partnership with Start to Finish came to a close with the completion of their final student placement fulfilling his term. Emerging Artist Pedro Diaz is a graphic artist who was instrumental in working under the direction of our CEO to bring to life several completed visual projects that were selected for distribution and organization merchandise. We've been fortunate to have 3 STF interns in the past 3 years. Our Finance Intern Dennis linggar also wrapped up his 2 year term in the Fall. With funding some of these interns may return next year for expanded roles.

What I liked most about my internship was that it was a free creative space.


Now in our second season, we are up to the nineties in our number of episodes! If you have missed listening to any of the artist conversations you can find them on our website and/or in our previous FBF emails. Keep your eyes and ears open for the premiere of EPISODE 100 which is coming soon.

Our FOUR most streamed Season 2 episodes this year:

  1. Joe Makkar (Actor)
  2. Rosie Peace (Creative)
  3. Joanna Patton (Visual Artist/Dancer)
  4. Bro & Lil Sis (Rap Duo)

Our FOUR most watched video recordings of the podcast: 

  1. Ariane (Visual Artist)
  2. Joe Makkar (Actor)
  3. Niya Wright (Author)
  4. Devorah (Singer/Songwriter)

It was the last interview my Mom got to see before she passed and she was so proud and happy to hear me speak about her influence on me. That will always be special.

I love the convo and how it prepares you to discuss your gifts & how you have an impact on the industry.


Our signature annual GIVEATHON awareness event was streamed from Studio Venue in Burbank, California this year! We had such a fun time talking about the importance of artist development and watching our artists and volunteers share their gifts & talents. Shout out to Melissa Sharee, J Marie, Arlando, Victoria & Lorenzo Words for being on camera - and an even bigger THANK YOU to everyone who made a financial contribution this year!


A unanimous GO ORANGE EXTRA-LARGE was the sentiment after this year's MAX of 30 October Dance Party in Los Angeles. Everyone showed up in their orange outfit, and the stand outs were head-to-toe orange which was fun to see. We learned from Outrageously Creative Orange Fit winner Rosie Peace that the color orange “became a symbol of great wealth, dreamy destinations and far-off lands”. Enough said. The prosperity will continue in 2024 with another party in orange!


Part of growing is expanding your capacity. From the beginning Creative M Projects has always had a vision to serve worldwide, developing artists from the inside, out. This year we stepped into expansion by physically extending our service area into neighboring Riverside County. Los Angeles County is still home to HQ in Sierra Madre, CA but we are on the move to serve with greater impact and excited about new opportunities.

One thing we know how to do here at CMP is stretch a dollar and lean on in-kind resources and talent to fulfill our mission. By grace we've accomplished everything listed above & much more with the following resources from this year:

$5,800 Financial Contributions

98 Donors

1 Part-Time Staff Volunteer

7 Experience Volunteers 

17 Podcast Feature Volunteers

*over 2k non-paid combined volunteer hours

2023 is not over. We could still use your financial support to finish strong. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Together we make the difference!