Our mission is to create unique opportunities of spiritual, mental and emotional growth for artists.

Creative M Projects equips artists to become confident in who they are beyond their talents. We believe the true gift in every artist is who they are and not merely the talents they possess.  We motivate exceptionally talented and passionate young artists to pursue a solid foundation of spiritual stability, mental strength and emotional resilience with the support of our mentors.  Through our unique wellness experiences, artists are given opportunities for life-changing discovery and ultimately find purpose in affecting the world around them for greater good.

We envison communities worldwide that encourage and celebrate young artists as leaders.

Spiritual Stability.

There are many different paths to find God, a higher power or greater meaning outside of oneself. Regardless of the path, research shows that those who are more spiritual and use their spirituality to cope with challenges in life experience many benefits to their health and well-being; improved psychological, less depression, less hyper-tension, more positive feelings, superior ability to handle stress.

Creative M Projects provides experiences which include Breathwork, Meditation, service to the community, time in nature, and retreats as a means to help artists find their spiritual stability.

Mental Strength.  

Mental strength involves the ability to think, feel, and perform at your best. Like a muscle, our mind requires daily activity to increase strength. Artists tend to be "feelers" over thinkers which often leads to a lost sense of direction.

Mentoring is a key component of Creative M Projects activities to encourage the increase of mental strength practice and reinforces what artists are capable of.

Emotional Resilience. 

 Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to stressful situations, and cope with life's ups and downs. An effective artist unhindered for success is able to navigate through adversity and move forward regardless of circumstance.

Creative M Projects is a safe space for artists to explore their emotions with hope for the future.

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