Breakthrough can happen at any time. 

I was recently reminded of the beauty and wonder of breakthrough as I watched two young ladies fight their way through 12 tough weeks of facing themselves, while participating in our Artist's Way small group. Of course they had to battle demons of childhood memories and the residue of unexpected and unintentional hurts, but ultimately these young ladies were wrestling with deep-seated beliefs they had of themselves. The memories, the residue and beliefs all negatively affecting their output as creative individuals with so much to give and share.

I'm decades beyond these two young ladies in years, yet I still occasionally find myself at the front line of the same battle, toe to toe with what I know vs. what i'm deceptively led to entertain. Struggling to fully express my authentic, creative self. And suddenly, a breakthrough to the next level. 

What I love most about a breakthrough is how it suddenly changes a person from the inside, out and catches them by surprise. In an instant, the amount of time it took for the breakthrough becomes irrelevant. There is a supernatural, magical component to breakthrough that is undeniable. And I'm here for it. But, we must continue to show up for the fight.

2023 marked nine years since I took the step of faith to incorporate Creative M Projects and start a movement to help artists grow & heal. I believe that communities can experience healing through the influence of positive creativity and light. The breakthrough we've experienced as an organization has been directly connected to my own personal breakthrough. It's inevitable to change from the inside and not have it spill over to the outside. But i'll save the juicy details of challenges on this journey for our 10 year anniversary extravaganza that is being planned for July 2024. 

This has been a tough year for many, including me. The world has been in a dark place with unprecedented turmoil - but the smallest amount of light will always break up darkness and there is light in the world. Our projects, our artists, our volunteers bring light. 

As we get ready to enter into 2024, I'm watching for the more and expecting the breakthroughs. More experiences of the supernatural, magical, and suddenly - in spirit, soul and mind as we all commit to show up and fight the good fight.

We can do this. Breakthrough is inevitable. 

Here's to persevering through 2023 and the light awaiting us in 2024. I invite you to be part of what's to come by clicking the End of Year Gift button below and making a donation or going to our website

Sending love always,

Melissa S Martinez