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We envison communities worldwide that encourage and celebrate young artists as leaders.

Creative M Projects is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We mentor, train and equip artists to increase their creativity & skill while discovering the foundation of who they are. We believe the true gift in every artist is who they are and not merely the creative skills they possess. Exceptionally talented and passionate young artists are transformed by spiritual, mental and emotional experiences facilitated by the organization and our community partners.

Our mission is to create unique opportunities for artists to grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

WE EQUIP ARTISTS to grow greater than their gifts.

Our Founder Melissa Sharee was a child performer by the age of 4.  Her gifts and talents  opened the door for her to move from the Pacific Northwest to the City of Angels and continue pursuing her dream of being a larger-than-life entertainer. She continued working professionally through her teens and into adulthood.  Eventually Melissa would discover through repeat personal failures, that she was not maturing in a manner that matched the potential of her gifts and talents. She would ultimately come face to face with the scars and trauma that had kept her in an unhealthy, dysfunctional holding pattern. CREATIVE M PROJECTS is Melissa Sharee's labor of love to provide a remedy and hope for emotionally challenged, young-minded artists that are striving to find their sense of direction and overcome their past. Through invaluable friendships and community connections Creative M Projects continues to deeply impact creative culture one day, one artist and one experience at a time.

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