Over 20 years ago Founder Melissa Sharee had a vision to fuse her love for helping young people develop with her passion for creative arts. By faith she resigned from living a life that put food on the table, to pursuing a dream calling that fed her spirit and others, and in 2014 Creative M Projects became an incorporated reality.

Designed to help young artists develop from the inside, out - mentally, spiritually and emotionally and equip them to influence their communities for good using their talents - Creative M Projects is now a 501c3 Tax Exempt boutique nonprofit organization steadily on the rise and volunteer-run with no paid staff.

We believe the true gift in every artist is who they are and not merely the talents they possess.  

For this reason, Creative M Projects is committed to programs that focus on investing in the fulfillment of creative individuals becoming who they were born to be - pure talent with pure hearts and clear conscience.

Life is a journey, and the artist opportunities we make available are crafted to help artists find their way and endure through the tough stuff while increasing their capacity within. We train and equip performers and creative artists for successful living.

This world would be dark without the light of what our artists were born to share.  

Email us at info@creativemprojects.org or call (818) 934-0685 to connect with a member of our team and get involved in bringing about a better world through the creative arts.

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